Thursday, 8 June 2017

the hamdog!!!

           the Hamdog! 🍔🌭😋

when: October the 13th 2017.

 who: mark Murray.

what: this is the Hamdog it is an  hot dog and burger together it has got a hot dog in the middle of it then half of a burger on each side of it mark went to shark tank but got laughed out but mark did not stop so he perfected it and started selling them in fairs and so many people lined up to have one they are in western Australia and are probably coming to NZ quite soon me and Nick want one so much.

where:western Aussie.

my opinion: the look tasty and filling but they would be kinda hard to eat because the burger part would fall out the sides.

wonder: i wonder who would make the buns and if it comes to NZ also i wonder if he will make a fast food chain like MacDonald's 

p.s:if they come to NZ buy lots so others in different countries can try them and so we can have more.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Danny macaskills wee day out.

who: Danny macaskill

what:a video of Danny doing insane and almost impossible tricks

where: Edinburgh England 

when: didn't say.

watch these skills.

my opinion: these tricks look impossible but practise makes perfect.

Friday, 19 May 2017

bubble gum brocilli

who: maccas.

where: did not say but probably in America:)

when: posted on November 2014 uh oh.

what: maccas have tried to make a bubble gum flavoured broccoli it didn't really work out. the experiment was to prove that MC Donald's was healthy (but it is very unhealthy) 

my opinion: i like broccoli and it probably wouldn't taste that good.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

the real darthvader

                                    the real darth vader                          

who: a guy called Barth vader.

when: posted on may the 7 2017.

what: a guy called Darth vader works at a hospital called saint francis hospital-barrlet. he is a tennnise man and was named when his mum was under the afeccts of anessthessia. she wanted him to be named junior but she agreed to Darth vader because of the drugs. when she recoverd she thought it was bad but they coudnt change it.

why: becuase they had to name him.

Monday, 10 April 2017

the hum rider

                                        this is the hum rider

 who: a new model of car.

what: this is the hum rider it is new type of car that can skip traffic jams it is a four wheel drive and can go through rough terrain it can also do a really cool thing it can skip traffic jams. this car is called the hum rider.

where: did not say [probably America]

when: April the 4 2017.

why to skip traffic jams.

my opinion: this is a really good idea to make a car that can skip traffic jams I wonder what would happen if every body had one and they all tried to skip traffic jams and how much money it would be this link to see the video

Friday, 24 March 2017

terorist attack in london

                            terrorist attack in London

  who: a terrorist a lot of pedestrians and cops.

  what: terrorists have attacked allot of people around London's Parliament to stop a meeting London says it was the worst attack since 7\7 bombings in 2005. on Thursday UK prime minister announced that they had arrested 8 people linked to the incident.and i think that there was a truck involved
in it.
where: london parliment 

when: march 24 2017

Monday, 20 March 2017

Giant rooster made out of poo!!!

who: a giant rooster sculpture of poo and an Russian artist called 
Mikhail Bopposov and his brothers.

what: a Russian artist and his brothers made a giant rooster out of poo for Chinese new year he had a leg injury and it was hard for him to do it. it symbolises the year of the rooster and is only standing because the cold is keeping it together it is 3.5 meters tall and the statue is sturdy enough to stand on because it is frozen together. it for the chinese new year claboration.

where: russia

when: march the 14 2017

my opinon: is that it is gross and why did they make it out of poo
they could have made it out of stone and what animals poo was it I hope it isn,t human poo