Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Boom Boom Boom !!!

                                  uh oh
who: scientists from Geo net and mt ruapehau.

where: mt raupehau .

when: November 30th 2017

what: mt whatchamacallit has been emitting lots of carbon dioxide and Geo net say it is a low threat level but the crater lake is getting and it is possible it might explode.

my opinion: this is not to bad because it is at early stages but it Will be bad if it does explode.Image result for volcano gif

Sunday, 19 November 2017

man finds car 20 years after losing it

who: a guy from Germany.

where: an abandoned building,s car park in Germany that was about to be demolished.

Image result for lonely parked car
what: a man was paired with his car after 20 years of him thinking it was stolen.after they found it and told him they could not drive it because it was in such a bad state.

how: he forgot where he parked it πŸ˜‚

when:November 19th 2017

my opinion: is that this is kinda weird to forget where you parked your car because it is real easy to find but maybe he had Alzheimer's or something.

glossary: Alzheimer's - a disease that makes you forget stuff like your name or maybe he had amnesia.

the glossary,s glossary: amnesia is where you hit your head hard and then you forget stuff.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Good news :)

  who: coca cola company and others.
  where: everywhere.
  when: 24 October 2017.
  why: to try to stop the inevitable.
  what:coca cola have released a new soft drink        with no sugar (seriously they already have made    2 
  πŸ˜‘). it is called coca cola no sugar. and of              successful will replace diet coke. the reason of it   is that soft drink sales are going down😁and   milk and water is going up😁. but energy drinks   are still in the game 😒. so try not to buy coke   because we have a chance to stop it.
 Image result for keep it up meme
  my opinion: is that this is really good that more people are drinking water and milk than soft drinks. because water and milk is very good for you but Coke is like diabetes in a bottle.Image result for no coke

Thursday, 21 September 2017

current events

Image result for illuminati
                     one pic for this 

who: somewone that obiuslly thinks painting her face is a thing.
and evil paint.

Image result for pink paint bottle {-pure evil 
where: did not say but almost definitly in the nuts home.

what: this person painted her face pink beacuse she looked at the bottle and saw a sticker that said washable so she painted her face pink and it has not come off.

my opinion: my god this person needs to sort her life out it did not say her age but she looks like she is 20 or 21 heres a pic.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

current events

                                     HOT!!! HOT!!! and HOT!!!😝

Who: 1000 participants in Denmark and lots of the spiciest substance in the world.

Where: somewhere in Denmark.  

What: in Denmark 1000 participants gathered  to eat a ghost pepper ghost peppers. you have probably tried the jalapeno pepper and thought that was hot [well they are hot ] but ghost pepper eaters say that it hurts as much as a jalapeno pepper when you touch the out side of the pepper to your tongue. so if you understand my description then you,ll understand that a LOT like probably a couple tons of milk was used to help stop the fires in the daredevils tummy,s even some of them chucked up and yes some of them did not have sick bags but at the end they all got a certificate saying they did it.

my opinion: i would not like to do that and i Wonder why anyone would even want to do that!

p.s. please do not try this at home.

p.p.s.Image result for it's friday memes

Saturday, 9 September 2017


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